Parish Ministry Opportunities

Unless otherwise directed, please contact the office to inquire about the specific parish ministry opportunity you are interested in. Thank you.


Community Fellowship

Korean Catholic Community of Syracuse (KCCS)

At Our Lady of Hope we are proud to have Korean Catholic parishioners that consist of graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members and post doctoral researchers from Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.   This group attends the 11:15 AM Sunday Mass and meets for fellowship in the RCIA room, off the Eucharistic Chapel, following Mass. Every year, several new members go through the RCIA program and celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation at Easter.  Every other month, a Korean priest from Buffalo visits Our Lady of Hope to celebrate a Korean Mass.  Fellow Central New York Korean residents come to participate in these special liturgies. Our group also participates in Our Lady of Hope Festival, providing Korean food along with performances by the Syracuse University Korean Drum Group (Cheon Ji In).

Roamin’ Catholics

This is a group that likes to travel and visit a variety of places including NYC, ball games, shopping and theater productions.  A wonderful way to meet other parishioners while sharing common interests.

Young Adult Group

Activities are planned for young adults ages 18-40 throughout the year. Please consult the bulletin.


Community Outreach

Christmas Project

It is in the celebration of the Christmas season when the sharing of our gifts, talents and time for those in need demonstrates where Christ truly lives. This ministry provides that opportunity by collecting clothing, food and toys for the needy of our parish community and local area. Volunteers shop, wrap and assemble packages, to be distributed before Christmas.

Emergency Care

These volunteers are committed to maintaining American Heart Association CPR/AED certification in order to respond to a medical emergency occurring during a liturgy or other church function.

Funeral Luncheon

This hospitable group of parishioners shows their care for families undergoing the loss of a loved one by providing a buffet following the funeral service. Many hands behind the scene bake, cook and prepare the environment with care whenever called.

Pastoral and Eucharistic Minister Visits

Letting the members of our parish family who are homebound or in nursing homes and hospitals know by these weekly or biweekly visits that they have a loving, caring God that will not forget them is a blessed gift to share. Bringing Eucharist to shut-ins reminds them they are still a part of a faith-filled and praying community that can not do without them. Interested adults will be instructed and supported in carrying out this ministry.


Liturgical Ministry

Altar Servers

The decorating and plant care ministry is responsible for the decorative embellishments of the church building and within its worship space.  This is done with attention to liturgical appropriateness, augmenting the seasons Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary time.  This ministry works in collaboration with other parish groups in planning and carrying out these goals.  This is a ministry where you can use your creative gifts to impact the worship environment, thus enhancing the various liturgical celebrations.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Ongoing Spiritual, Educational & Enrichment for Youth

Grades Pre K – 8

Providing catechesis for children pre K – grade 5 is the purpose of this ministry. Our Catechist’s are committed to nurturing your Children’s faith and plant seeds in their hearts. This is a wonderful opportunity to share our faith with our children. You don’t need to be a “teacher”, just some one who loves children and wants to help plant seeds of faith in their hearts. Classes are Sunday from 9:30 – 10:45 AM from September through April. Adults are needed as classroom teachers, aides, craft helpers and hall monitors. If you would like to be a classroom teacher, aide or hall monitor please let us know.


Peg Mincher, Director
Our Lady of Hope


Grades 9 – 12

This program continues the faith formation taught in the lower grades. Our Catechists are committed to continuing the faith taught in the lower grades and build a solid foundation of faith culminating with Confirmation. It builds a solid foundation of faith culminating with Confirmation. The sharing that takes place in classes helps the teens deal with real life issues at home, school and at work. Classes are Sunday from 9:30 – 10:45 AM from September through April. Adults are needed to help as teachers, small group leaders and chaperones for retreats. If you would like to be a classroom teacher, aide or hall monitor please let us know.


Peg Mincher, Director
Our Lady of Hope


Parish Operation Ministries

Parish Operation Ministries

Diocesan Pastoral Council, Trustees, Parish Council, Finance Committee, Liturgy Committee
Above appointed positions are established by church law. Members are invited by the Pastor after recommendations have been sought from the people of God.
Building Maintenance and Grounds
The task and importance of this ministry can not be overstated.  Providing a well functioning and well maintained structure that is safe, clean and physically inviting is a year round job.  Special talents in carpentry, electrical, masonry, plumbing, and roofing are always needed. Seasonal help is needed with clearing walkways and steps in the winter or help with shrubbery, lawn and garden maintenance in the warmer weather.
Parish Office Administration


This ministry’s purpose is to facilitate communication of information to the parishioners by stuffing envelopes and preparing bulk mailings when needed.This is a help to the office staff by relegating time-consuming tasks to volunteers and freeing the staff to concentrate on the regular office routine.

This ministry provides an accurate and continual update of the parish celebrations and events by way of the Our Lady of Hope’ sign in the front of the rectory. This signage depicts the spirit of our worship and activities. Informational changes are made as needed throughout the year.


Fundraising and Appeals

Garage Sale
This annual event occurs in the spring. Volunteers are needed for dropping off, sorting, pricing, setting up, selling and cleaning up.

Fall Festival and Chicken Barbecue
The yearly event occurs the Saturday after Labor Day featuring baked goods, basket raffle, contests, craft tables, entertainment, games for kids and families, junk food alley, Korean food and our famous chicken barbecue. Volunteers are needed for all aspects from advertising to cleaning up.

Hope Appeal
As a function of the Finance Committee, this assures that Our Lady of Hope fulfills its obligation to the Hope Appeal.  Those that benefit from this Appeal include: Formation for Ministry, Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Sacramental Preparation, Outreach Programs, Catholic Charities, Vocations and Catholic Schools.  Volunteers are needed to assist the coordinator.


Sacred Music

Music Ministers’ Resources

In this section, you will find resources available to Our Lady of Hope music ministers. Please select the following link to access the Cantor and Psalmist Schedule document in Microsoft Excel Workbook format:

Our Lady of Hope Choirs, Cantors, and Instrumentalists

The people of Our Lady of Hope are invited to share their God-given musical talents in an enthusiastic, prayerful, and dedicated sacred music ministry. A place is always available for both professional and amateur musicians to sustain the musical excellence of Our Lady of Hope choirs ad maiorem Dei gloriam (“for the greater glory of God”). Music is an integral part of Catholic Mass and is one way to facilitate the fully conscious and active participation of the Faithful. Our Lady of Hope is blessed to have many talented choristers, cantors, and instrumentalists to enrich its liturgies. While our liturgies incorporate those songs common to Roman Rite Catholic churches in the United States, the liturgical music is informed by and often includes the chants of the Graduale Romanum—the Church’s official book for the choir.

Jubilate Deo Choir

The Jubilate Deo (“sing joyfully to the Lord”) Choir sings music specific to the choir and also provides congregational song support when singing the 8:15 AM and 11:15 AM Sunday Masses and the Masses of Solemnities and Feasts. All are invited to participate; previous choral experience is not necessary to join. Rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir, which presides over four-and-a-half octaves of handbells and three octaves of handchimes, is made up of eight to eleven players. This choir frequently plays during Masses but may also perform for the community in a non-liturgical context. Rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM. Players must be able to read music.

Requiem Choir
The Requiem (“rest”) Choir provides music for funeral and memorial Masses, which usually take place on weekday mornings. No rehearsals are necessary for each Mass, but the choir does rehearse as needed a few times each year. Requiem Choir members are notified of funeral and memorial Mass times and music by e-mail and telephone.
Cantors and Psalmists

Some members of the choir may be invited by the Director of Music to minister as a cantor or psalmist during Masses. The cantor leads the singing of the congregation. The psalmist proclaims the verses of the Responsorial Psalm from the ambo after the First Reading and leads the congregation in singing its response. The ministries of cantor and psalmist are often entrusted to the same person during a Mass. Cantors and psalmists attend Wednesday evening choir rehearsals at 7:00 PM and remain after the general choir is dismissed to learn music specific to their ministries such as the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Verse.

Liturgical Instrumentalists
Guitarists, flautists, clarinetists, and other instrumentalists are invited to accompany the choir. Rehearsals with the choir are mandatory.

Ministries & Committees