Work on the grotto is well underway! Things are progressing and we should be all ready to go by the date of the Dedication Mass on October 13th at 10:00am.

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
at Our lady of Hope

Background:  Our Lady of Lourdes and St. James Parishes merged into one parish family in October of 2017.  As part of the merger, pastoral leadership felt that it was important to incorporate some of the meaningful symbols of OLL into the newly formed parish family located at the St. James site.  A committee of volunteers from both parishes and others came together and the result is Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto.

Purpose: To bring together the unique aspects of both parishes to incorporate into our new parish setting where all parishioners can reflect on our shared history; To honor the Blessed Mother in a natural, environmental setting, and to offer a place of peace and serenity, for reflection, meditation and prayer.


  1. The statue of Mary, which is on the entryway roof at OLL will relocated to become the central focal point of the Grotto at OLH.
  2. There will be an altar at the base of the statue of Mary, there will be electricity, and a water feature at the feet of Mary.
  3. The bell tower at OLL which was donated by H.A McMahon (Doc) and Robert (Bob) Morrissey the 2 original trustees of the parish and was added to the grounds when the church was built in 1969 will be relocated to be part of the Grotto at OLH.
  4. The Stations of the Cross that were inside at OLL are being assessed to determine if they can be weatherized to be included in the Grotto at OLH.

Goals (cont.)

  1. There will be flood lights lighting the entire Grotto area and there will be a Marian garden and walkway.
  2. The fund development goal is $100,000 to cover all the costs associated with the project and tithe 10% to a non-profit human service agency in our community.
  3. Construction will begin after Easter, April 2019.
  4. A dedication ceremony will occur in late summer, early fall 2019.

Donation/Memorialization Opportunities

Relocation of the Bell Tower from OLL
Relocation of the Statue of Mary from OLL
Water Feature at the Feet of Mary
Grotto Altar
Sound System
Gathering Space

Donation/Memorialization Opportunities (cont.)

Landscaping (yearly)
Flowering Trees
Small Plants
8×8 Bricks
4×8 Bricks

Here are the architectural plans for our grotto project. Some of the details may change, but this is pretty close to what we will be using.

Grotto Project